Login is a common IP address for routers brands such as Xfinity Comcast, LPB Piso Wifi, and others on your home network. Today we’ll be discussing how to login to, We’ll also provide a few tips on troubleshooting any connection issues you may experience. Stay safe and happy networking! Login & username and password

Router BrandUsernamePassword
LPB Piso WiFiadmin

How to login to

You can log in to using the default username and password, which will allow you to change the settings on your router. You just need to be connected to the router in order to access the settings, which is a very simple procedure. To login to, follow this brief tutorial–

  1. Open your web browser and proceed to the next step.
  2. Enter this address into your browser’s search bar: -> or type in the address bar of your browser to access it.
  3. After that, a login screen will display. Fill in the username and password of your router’s admin panel. (Here are the default router username and password list)
  4. After following the above steps, you should be logged in to your router’s configuration or administration dashboard and able to make the necessary changes. took too long to respond?

Use different IPs such as, or