Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity is the top internet service provided in the USA. Moreover, it is a Comcast Cable Communication subsidiary. Did you know Xfinity was launched in 2010 before that? The internet, cable, and television services are available under the Comcast brand name. 

If you are subscribed to any one of the Xfinity internet plans and are not satisfied with the speed you are getting, then there is no need to switch to the other ISP. It is better to cure the problem. Moreover, you can go for an Xfinity speed test to identify your package speed or any issue which causes slowness in internet speed.

How to check the internet speed test of the Xfinity plan?

You can utilize our Xfinity speed test to know your subscribed package’s internet speed. Moreover, you need to click the “GO” button to start measuring your internet speed. After clicking, it will begin measuring uploading and downloading speed, and when the test is done, you can download the test report, which is remarkable.

The following are the internet subscription plans by Xfinity:

PackagePriceUltimate downloading speedUltimate uploading speed
Performance Starter+$2025 Mbps3 Mbps
Performance Select$35100 Mbps5 Mbps
Performance Pro+$50200 Mbps5 Mbps
Blast Pro+$65400 Mbps10 Mbps
Extreme Pro+$75600 Mbps25 Mbps
Gigabit $851000 Mbps35 Mbps
Gigabit+$3002000 Mbps2000 Mbps

How does the xfinity speed test work?

Generally, this speed test is 100 percent free and uses your internet to give random bytes to the nearest server and gets random bytes from that server as well. In this way, it accesses your internet’s download and uploading speed. To make sure that you get near to reality speed in the test, it is good to close all the applications and other digital devices in case you are using the wifi.

How much internet speed can you get from Xfinity internet?

As Xfinity is a brand, that’s why it offers as many as seven different internet plans for all sorts of clients. So, you can not expect the same internet speed in the Starter plan as you get in Gigabyte Pro. The reason is basic plans are for individuals and small families, so it is not fair to demand the same speed as high-end internet subscription plans.

Is xfinity internet any good?

Yes, Xfinity offers one of the best plans, including basic ones for small houses, making it a top-rated ISP. Other than that, the internet subscription plans it gives are market competitive, so you can not find its internet plans unaffordable to go for.

Final Words:

Xfinity internet speed testing can be convenient if you are experiencing poor internet speed despite buying a high-end plan. If your speed result shows good downloading and uploading speed, then it means there is no fault of the ISP. So, you should check whether the router or modem is in good condition or not.