Orange Speed Test

Orange SA, formerly known as France Telecom SA, is Europe’s largest telecommunication company with 266 million active users and 14150 employees worldwide. Moreover, it was launched in 19888, and its services include IP television, landline, mobile, and internet services. However, the number indicates how popular this company is. 

If you are an internet consumer of this telecom giant and want to know how much speed you actually get, then you should go for an Orange Speed test. Besides, testing internet speed has many benefits as it helps you in revising your internet plan if the test shows slow downloading and uploading speed. Let’s dig deep if you want to conduct an Orange internet speed test. 

Why our Orange speed test?

You may be thinking about why I should try a 3rd party speed testing service like us, right. The reason for this is if you test the internet speed from your service provider, then the result can be biased. So, if you want the internet speed test result that is free from conflict of interest, then you are better off with 3rd party speed testing service as we are.

How to conduct an orange speed test?

Testing your speed test with our tools is pretty authentic and straightforward as you need to click the “GO” button, and you are done. It will start analyzing our internet’s download and upload speed. After a matter of seconds, the result will be available. Moreover, for further use and sharing this test report with your ISP, you can download it, which is a convenient option. 

What is downloading and uploading speed?

Downloading Speed:

The downloading speed refers to how many megabytes per second of data you can get from the server over your internet. However, the data can be pictures, files, videos, and applications. Most of the users spend time using video streaming platforms and social media sites. That’s why an excellent downloading speed is essential. 

Uploading Speed:

The uploading speed refers to how many megabytes per second of data you can send from your device to another device or the server. Mostly it is not of much importance, but if you are a person whose activities over the internet are playing video games, calling, and uploading tons of videos on streaming sites like Youtube, then a good uploading speed is a must.

What next if the speed test result is good but still facing a slow internet speed issue?

If the test result shows all good, then it means there is a problem somewhere else. First of all, you need to check whether your router is functioning properly or not. If not then, replace it with a newer one. Now, check if the cables are in good condition. If you see a cut or damage point, then it can be the culprit, and you need to change it. In addition, if your network is overloaded means more than enough people are using the internet, then you need to upgrade your internet plan.

Final Words:

We hope that the Orange speed test has helped you in making your decision whether your current plan is adequate or not. Similarly, if the test result is not up to the claim made by your ISP, then you have to discuss the problem with them.