Optus Speed Test

Optus is Australia’s second-largest telecom company as it has around 8000 active employees. Moreover, it was founded in 1981 since then; it is a leading company when it comes to the following services:

  • Cable TV
  • Grammarly
  • Broadband internet users
  • Mobile internet

If you are in Australia, then most chances are you are using the Internet from this company with an excellent reputation and excellent customer care. Moreover, if you want to know the speed you are getting from the internet subscription plan you get from Optus, then you have to take the Optus speed test. 

What is the Optus Speed Test?

Optus Speed test is the test of the internet plan you are getting from Optus. Moreover, this test tells about the downloading and uploading speed of your internet. So, you have to check whether these two terms are good or not in this result. Let’s say you want to download movies, pictures, applications, and files; then, you will need a decent downloading speed. But if you’re going to upload data, including videos and pictures, then a great uploading speed is necessary.

How to take the Optus Speed test?

Performing the speed test for your Optus Internet package is no big deal because you need to click on the “OK” button and the rest is on us. Moreover, after you click the OK button, the speed test automatically starts accessing your internet speed, and it will take a few seconds to fetch the results. 

What is the average speed of the Optus internet plan?

There is no rough estimate of how fast Optus internet is because the speed varies from location to location and on the subscription you choose. Moreover, if you are subscribed to a basic internet plan, then you will get fair internet speed and nothing wrong with that. Similarly, if you get a high-end internet plan, then you will get top internet speed as you are paying more to the service provider.

What to do if the test result is good but still facing a poor internet speed problem?

If you have conducted your Optus internet speed test and get an adequate result but facing a slow internet problem, then you can have the following reasons:

  • Old and outdated router/modem 
  • Inferior and damaged cables 
  • Farther distance of router from the device you want to connect it with 
  • More than enough users over the network  

Final Words:

Optus speed test becomes necessary if you suffer from poor internet speeds despite paying a considerable sum for a premium speed internet subscription, then a speed test is a must. Moreover, if the test result is not up to the mark, then you should contact the ISP and ask them to fix the issue.