Airtel Speed Test

Airtel, also known as Bharti Airtel Limited, is India’s major telecom company in overall customs and revenue. It was launched in 1995, almost 26 years ago, and in a matter of few years, it became a leading telecommunications services provider throughout India. Moreover, it has a total of 17917 employed which implies its brand value.

Besides, it has operations in 18 countries worldwide with 474 million members, which is a humongous number. Other than that, the active internet users of this company are above 2.345 million, so it is the right of the customer to get the speed for which they are paying. With our Airtel speed test, you can get unbiased and reliable internet speed test results. 

What is an internet speed test?

Basically, the internet speed test is a free online test that lets you know the speed that your device is getting from your internet service provider. Mainly, it uses your internet connection on its server to measure the internet speed. With the internet speed test, you can revise your subscription plan and also change your ISP if the internet speed test result is not good. 

How to use our Airtel speed test service?

Using our internet speed test to identify what’s the speed of your Airtel subscription plan is very simple. Moreover, you have to click on the “Start” button, and the rest is our work. However, in less than a minute, you will get the speed test result in the form of uploading and downloading speed.

Is Airtel internet any good?

Airtel gives pretty good service when it comes to internet provision. Moreover, it has years of experience in handling and satisfying millions of its internet users so that you can go for it without any confusing thoughts in mind. Other than that, it allows free streaming of TV channels along with a remarkable internet package.

What to do if my internet speed is poor despite great test results?

If your internet speed is indicated well by the speed test result, then go through the following steps to know why the problem is:

  • First of all, you have to look at the cable through which your router/modem gets internet if there is minor damage to that cable, then switch to the newer one
  • If you do not find any fault in the cable, then your next step should be to check the condition of the router/modem. If it is very poor, then replace it 
  • Moreover, if your network is overburdened due to the ultimate number of people connected to it, then reduce this number to get the desired result.

Final Words:

We can say that Airtel is a giant, but it does not mean it is fault-free. So, if you are seriously troubled due to poor internet speed despite subscribing to the premium, you can conduct our Airtel to analyze whether the problem is in your hardware or from the service provider’s end. Further, you can take our speed test multiple times without any charges.