MegaPath Speed Test

How fast is your internet? Find out with a MegaPath Speed Test. To see how well your current connection rates, plug in the address to our speed test on your browser and give it a go!

How Does The MegaPath Speed Test Work?

By measuring how many bits of data pass through your internet connection every second. It’s a simple way to check if you’re getting the speed you paid for.

About MegaPath telecommunications

MegaPath is a telecommunications company that provides business solutions to consumers, carriers, and service providers. Founded in 1996 by Scott Kooman with the mission statement “to provide tomorrow’s technology today”, it has since grown into one of America’s most successful independent telecom firms providing voice over IP (VOIP), unified communications as well as internet access for carrier businesses across North America! Headquartered in Pleasanton California USA


Is MegaPath customer service 24 hours?

In a word, yes. MegaPath is here for you 24/7/365. MegaPath offers round-the-clock customer support and we don’t close the helpdesk at night and on weekends as some other companies do. They provide fast response times even on low-priority tickets for customers who don’t require attention immediately.

Is Netflix free with MegaPath?

Netflix is not included as a free bonus with your MegaPath service, but it is available for a low monthly price.

How do I contact MegaPath customer service?

MegaPath customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone. If you need help with your account or billing information, you can call MegaPath anytime at 877-611-6342 (888-301-1721) – option 3.