Unifi Speed Test

Unifi is an internet service provided by Malaysia‚Äôs largest telecommunication company Telekom Malaysia. Unifi is a RM11.3 billion project started in September 2008. It has seen rapid growth ever since it was founded, and it has now become the best internet service provider in Malaysia. 

Unifi is the go-to internet provider of every new consumer, and hence they have a good reputation to uphold. Unifi Speed Test allows you to check the speed of the connection being provided to you. In this day and age, it is fairly common for large companies to cut a few corners when it comes to providing services to the masses.  

Speed test if tells you the exact download speed, upload speed, pings, and jitters so the ISP can be held accountable if its not fulfilling its promise to provide a high quality of internet. Before running the unifi speed test, it is important to close all background internet activities to maximize the precision of the results.

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