WOW Speed Test

WOW is the sixth-largest internet service provider in the USA, which has 850600 subscribers? Moreover, its network passes 3.2 million businesses and homes. The services offered by this company include broadband internet, cable TV, and landline telephone as well. Besides that, it was founded 25 years ago, which shows that it is an experienced player in the market. 

Are you not happy with the internet speed of your WOW subscription plan? Do you want to know how fast your internet plan is? If yes, the WOW speed test is a must for you as it will tell the internet speed of your subscribed plan. Moreover, if you want to give the WOW speed test, then proceed with reading. 

How should I give a WOW internet speed test?

You can easily give our WOW speed test, which is very simple because all you need to do is to click the “GO” option. When you click the “GO” button, you will notice the process of measuring two important terms: uploading and downloading speeds. After the test comes to an end, you have the option to download the test report as well. 

What are the internet plans offered by WOW?

There are multiple internet subscription plans available on WOW internet. Some of them are for budget buyers with basic speed but the high-end plans are of exceptionally fast internet speed. So, it is not wise to expect the speed of top-notch internet plans in a basic internet subscription.

Plan Price Ultimate downloading speed Ultimate uploading speed 
WOW! 100 MB/sec 25k$100 mbps10 mbps
WOW! 200 MB/sec$35k200 mbps10 mbps
WOW! 500 MB/sec$50k500 mbps100 mbps
WOS! 1000 MB/sec$60l1000 Mbps…..

We hope that from this chart, you will be able to understand the difference between the four unique programmes given in this chart.

Is WOW internet a reliable internet service provider?

You can rely on this ISP as it is trustworthy:


  • Reliable images
  • Fast speed
  • Easily usable keywords
  • Excellent UI/UX


  • Without external painting 

How can you improve your test speed?

You can improve your test score by disabling all the applications running behind, which consumes a lot of data swiftly. On the other hand, the WOW internet is one of the fastest and affordable internet services providers in the US, which is excellent.

Final words:

WOW, the speed test is a great way to check the exact speed of your WOW’s internet plan. Besides that, you will also get to know that the slowness of the internet can be due to different reasons that can be a content writer and SEBT 8.