Huawei HG8245A

How to log in to Huawei HG8245A?

It’s not a secret that Huawei routers are great, but they can be hard to get into if you don’t know the default login information. Luckily, we have created this guide for you! The following steps will show you how to access your router and change the password if needed:

Login To Huawei HG8245A

Login To Huawei HG8245A

Huawei HG8245A default login settings are available in the manual of your Huawei router. If you don’t have the user manual, then you can find Huawei Hg5552s Login information below:

1. First, type “” in your browser bar and press Enter to access your Huawei wireless router dashboard;

2. Then, type “Telecomadmin” as the username and “admintelecom” as the password to log into the Huawei router account;

3. Click on the System Tools tab, select ‘Configure Router’ to change settings.

Default login IPs for Huawei HG8245A.

If you are having trouble connecting to your router, it may be because the default IP address of Huawei routers is not being displayed. The list below includes all known IP addresses for their products, so this will help.

Default User-Pass for Huawei HG8245A.

Default User-Pass for Huawei HG8245A

The default username and password for the Huawei wireless routers are “admin/password.” Sometimes they don’t work, so you should try these combinations of ids.

Security Of Huawei HG8245A

Change the Huawei HG8245A Default Password

The Huawei router includes a default password. Huawei recommends that you change the router password when you first set it up. Changing the Huawei wireless router password will provide enhanced security for your home network.

1) Log in to the Huawei HG8245A router

2) Select “Advanced Settings” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

3) Select “System Maintenance.”

4) Choose “Default Password” and type in a new password for your router in the blank under “Admin Password.”

5) Click on “Apply.” Done.

Change Huawei HG8245A Default IP Address

It might be a good idea to update the router’s default gateway setting after installing the new device to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access before warning indicators appear, which helps avoid CSRFs.

1. Open Your internet browser

2. Type on the address bar

3. Click Enter, you will see the Login Page for Huawei HG8245A, enter the admin user name and password for this specific Router

4. The IP Address IPV4 will be displayed, select Change IP Address IPV4 and set IPV4 to or other IP address that you want to use

5. Press Save Settings after setting the new IP address.

How To Reset Your Huawei Router?

If you are having trouble accessing your Huawei router, you may need to reset the router. Listed below are the steps to do this.

  1. Press and hold down the “Reset Button.”
  2. Continue pressing until the lights of the Huawei router flashes
  3. Release the button when it is flashing
  4. After the Router has rebooted, release the reset button
  5. Type in default login information
  6. Login with admin username and password


Why is my Huawei router not working?

The first step would be checking if your device has been banned from accessing wireless networks. If it’s on this list, You will need to enable its access again and try doing so one last time. The next thing you can do is make sure that the connected devices are whitelisted by checking Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi Access Control.

How do I access my Huawei router settings?

The wireless network name should begin with “HUAWEI” and does not need a password. To access the router’s web-based management interface, open an Internet browser on your phone and type in the browser address bar.