Telstra Speed Test

Telstra speed test will measure how fast you can download and upload data from the Internet.

What internet speeds can you expect from Telstra?

Well, the answer is 3 different types of connection. There’s 12Mbps fibre optic cable service which will provide a fast and reliable link between your computer or phone and their nearest exchange. You’ll also have access to our 4G Mobile Broadband Services where we offer up superfast mobile data connections for subscribers who want it!

Finally there are also satellite services like 2-minute broadband solutions that come at less than 1GB per month – perfect if all you need each day is emailing back forth on Facebook etc…
The best way I’ve found in order get myself set up with these various options was talking directly

Telstra, also known as TSRT, is a telecommunication company in Australia. It has been rendering internet access services for the customers for the last 46 years. Telstra has almost 18.8 million subscribers by 2020 and its functionality can be estimated by the fact that it was able to provide broadband access in more than 1 million premises across Australia by 2023.

Telstra provides services on the GSM platform, GSM is the 2nd most popular network in Australia. Telstra offers a 4G connection to its customers through 3G or 4G technology. Telstra also facilitates Telstra TV with Foxtel where Telstra presents features like personalized recommendations and an Enhanced program guide for customers.

TSRT has 3.7 million Internet subscribers and Telstra broadband services are available on both FTTB and FTTP platforms.It also has Telstra Air for mobile customers which provides free public Wi-Fi connectivity in 31 international airports across Australia. Telstra has brought Telstra Business App Marketplace where Telstra is working with more than 100 business applications to serve Telstra business customers.

The Telstra ADSL service is available in Australia and Telstra provides Unlimited downloads with an internet speed of up to 24 Mbps. Telstra broadband services are available on Telstra Next G network on the Telstra ADSL, Telstra Business Fibre, and Telstra NBN plans.

Telstra NBN Standard & Speed Plus Plans

NBN Basic speed at 25 Mbps, Total included data at 500GB up to 75/20 Mbps down and 40Mbps upload. The plan includes a Telstra Air Wi-Fi modem.

Standard Speed + Unlimited Data25 Mbps$80/mth
Telstra TV + Unlimited Data25 Mbps $89/mth
Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data 50 Mbps$95/mth