Comcast Speed Test

Comcast is the leading service provider of the internet in the USA based on its number of subscribers and employees. Moreover, this American telecom giant was founded in 1981 since then; it is the number one company in landline, broadband, cable TV, and wireless service. Also, it has 26.5 million internet customers.

Due to its 40 percent market share in internet services, a lot of people prefer it over others. If you are using any of its plans, want to know if it is sufficient for your family or business, then you have to conduct a Comcast speed test. Besides that, if you are facing the issue of slow internet speed, then the internet speed test is the first step to identify the problem.

Where to take the Comcast internet speed test?

There are multiple options as the company itself is offering its customer to take their speed test, but the problem is due to the conflict of interest their speed test validity is not authentic. So, it is better to take a speed test for your Comcast internet plan on a 3rd party test service provider like us. 

You can utilize our internet speed test for your Comcast plan, which is 100 percent free of cost. To take the test, you have to click the “Start” button, and you are done. Once you click the button, the test starts, and it will take a few seconds to calculate your internet’s speed in terms of download and upload.

What is downloading speed?

It means how many MBs per second of information your device can download from the server or the internet. Besides that, this speed tells how fast your device can download and stream data from the internet, including pictures, videos, apps, and files. If you work over the internet involving any one of these, you need a good downloading speed.

What is uploading speed?

It means how many MBs per second of information your device can upload over a server or the internet. Moreover, it includes sending emails, playing video games, and uploading videos and images on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Most people who do not require high uploading speed then select the subscription plan that fulfills their demands.

What are the Comcast internet plans?

Comcast offers multiple plans for its customers, which start from basic and go-to premium ones. These are:

PlansPriceUltimate downloading speed Ultimate uploading speed 
Performance Starter +20 dollars per month50 MBs per second5 MBs per second
Performance Select35 dollars per month100 MBs per second5 MBs per second
Performance Pro50 dollars per month200 MBs per second5 MBs per second
Blast! Pro65 dollars per month400 MBs per second10 MBs per second
Extreme Pro75 dollars per month800 MBs per second15 MBs per second
Gigabit85 dollars per month1200 MBs per second35 MBs per second
Gigabit Pro300 dollars per month2000 MBs per second2000 MBs per second

Final Words:

The internet speed test is the prime way to know how fast your internet is. Moreover, it lets the user know whether they are getting the speed for which they are paying. Besides, if the test results match the speed Comcast claims, there is no fault from the service provider’s end. In this case, you have to check whether the router/modem, cables, and other hardware are all good or not.