Sky Speed Test

Sky Speed Test analyzes the speeds of your current Internet connection, finds out what type of Internet connection you have, and finds providers in your area that offer packages matching your requirements.

This quick test measures the speed of an internet provider or home network. The result is a speed Score calculator, which reflects how well an internet plan could work for you based on various factors like bandwidth and latency. The Skyspeed Score can be used to assess ISPs locally, nationally, or globally to determine faster alternatives that might achieve better speeds at “the best price” for each individual’s needs. It will not only check data transfer rate but also Wi-Fi ranges.

About Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband is an internet service offered by Sky UK in the United Kingdom. With the introduction of their new fiber-optic network, they have renamed all existing DSL broadband products as “Sky Fibre” to make it easier for customers who already own one or more modems from this line before switching over with no need at all to spend additional money on purchasing another device just because you want to access faster speeds than what your current package offers nowadays.

The British telecommunications company “Sky” has been around since 1990 when they first began selling satellite dishes and various other communication equipment directly onto consumer homes through agents throughout Great Britain’s countryside marketplaces under its original name: British Telecom Services Ltd. In 1998 BTSL was rebranded as BT Cellnet or BT’s brand of mobile services, but on June 1st, 2001 the name “Sky” emerged to become its own separate brand for digital television and broadband Internet products/services.

On May 13th, 2016, Sky UK announced: “Sky Q” – their latest product offering for entertainment purposes – a new ultra-HD set-top box that would allow customers to watch more programs simultaneously on different devices, the record shows even if it’s playing somewhere else in the home or outside of it through its mobile app which can be synchronized with any other Sky Q box at home for multi-room viewing.

At present, Sky UK is working on a plan to transform its broadband services from predominantly using existing fiber-optic cable technology into a brand new infrastructure that will bring internet speeds up to 300Mbps – which they hope to have completed by 2020.

Sky Broadband Internet packages

Sky Broadband offers a range of bundle packages, broadband Internet, and/or digital TV, this means you can either subscribe for both at once or decide to have one service for a time while leaving the other until later.

The speeds Sky offers are not always consistent, especially with its TV product because you’re sharing bandwidth between your television set and your computers. In terms of broadband alone, however, you will get to enjoy faster download rates through faster “fiber-optic” technologies – but for a lower price, you can pay as little as £8.99 per month and get speeds of 10Mbps, 15Mbps, and 20Mbps for the first three consecutive years of your contract.


What’s better – Sky broadband or BT broadband?

The sky is better than BT because they offer many packages and deliver higher internet speeds.

What is Sky broadband speed?

Sky offers speeds up to 40Mbps depending on which package you choose from its numerous types of subscriptions to suit your needs and budget! What’s great about Sky is that it includes everything you need to set up this service such as the Sky Q Hub and a plethora of other benefits including the option of canceling at any time within 30 days for a full refund.

How much does Sky Broadband cost?

The average prices seem to be £11.00 for the basic package speed up to 20Mbps with unlimited usage allowance and perfect for gamers or streaming services such as Netflix, however, this package is for a one-off fee of £9.00 plus £22.50 a month with no contract meaning you can cancel at any time.

What does Sky Q offer?

Sky Q offers you an entertainment system in your home with almost endless possibilities of viewing pleasure.

What is the Sky broadband service number?

+44 0870 444 5188

Can I get Sky broadband without a phone line?

No, but you can get Fibre Broadband without a phone line too.

Is Sky broadband good enough for Netflix?

Yes, Sky broadband is good enough for Netflix.

Is Sky owned by BT?

The company, which is now recognized as Sky UK, was first founded in 1990 under the name British Telecom Services Ltd.. British Telecom Services Ltd. was rebranded as BT Cellnet or BT’s brand of mobile services in 1998, additionally on June 1st, 2001 the name “Sky” emerged to become its own separate brand for digital television and broadband Internet products/services.