Celcom Speed Test

What Is The Purpose Of The Celcom Speed Test?

Ever felt like you are paying a lot but not getting enough value? Or that your ISP is not keeping their end of the deal? Celcom Speed Test lets your test the connection speed of your internet. It tells you the exact amount of Download Speed and Upload Speed you are being provided by your ISP.

Our goal is to allow everyone to analyze and determine their internet speed so they can ensure that they are being provided with what they paid for.

What Does Speed Test Celcom Do?

The function of Celcom Speed Test is quite simple really. It tests the speed of your internet by sending packages to and receiving packages from your computer. This allows the tool to determine the rate at which the data is being exchanged.

The Usage Of Celcom Speed Test.

Just like speedtest.com, Celcom Speed Test provides its users with all the details about their internet connection by testing it with our servers which are spread all over the world to provide accurate readings. It includes details like Download Speed (Mb/s), Upload Speed (Mb/s), Pings, and Jitter.

This information is really important to people who heavily rely on their internet connection for everyday life. Most notable users are professional gamers, office workers, Youtubers, and streamers.

Factors That Affect SpeedTest Celcom.

A lot of factors play crucial roles when it comes to Download Speed (Mb/s), Upload Speed (Mb/s), Pings, Jitter, and overall internet speed. Things like weather, electromagnetic waves, infrared waves, and devices that work on different frequencies are known to cause blockage to WiFi speed.

Ethernet connection is recommended when doing internet SpeedTest as it provides a direct connection to the router. The effectiveness depends on the quality of the ethernet cable, it is advised to ensure that the cable has not been damaged in any way.

Best Way To Do Celcom Speed Test.

It is recommended to ensure that no other devices are currently sharing the active internet connection, and no application with internet usage is currently active in the background. Background applications can interfere with the speed test by sharing the current internet connection which results in slow speed.